the house.

the house.

Granazi logo a contemporary liquor bar in an old house, located in the heart of Nicosia, since 2013. and when we say old, we mean old. Early 1900’s old. because of this, we wanted to give the house and the neighborhood the love and respect they deserve. Little by little, we meticulously crafted and put together a space that we are proud of; A space that we can all call home.

the bar.

Having fresh, local and seasonal produce in mind, and shelves full of good quality wines and spirits we’ve tried and tested, our bar philosophy is, In reality, quite simple. we strive to make simple, yet tasty and handcrafted cocktails from scratch, with a lot of love, thought and care.

the kitchen.

Featuring small, vibrant plates packed with a fusion of flavours, our food philosophy has always been one centered around the concept of sharing with your friends and loved ones, and of course, pairing with our cocktails and wines.

the garden.

This is where nature meets us halfway. An oasis of plants symbolizing growth and progress, our garden is a constant reminder of where we were, and where we want to be.

the music.

With carefully curated tunes by our friends over at Mood*, and local DJs playing throughout the week, we couldn’t be happier with what we’re listening to with you. Whether its garage rock and post punk, to hip hop and acid jazz, the transitions are smooth and always setting the mood. Click here for some of our favourite tracks.

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